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Improve the skills of your management teams by giving them access to LIVE or STREAMING videos of presentations from experts. Those videos are dedicated to process, environmental and cost optimization in the Paper Industry. Take the opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of technology and exchange with experts.


Industry 4.0

  • Electricity management through the elimination of consumption (available via streaming)
  • Artificial data analyses to optimize your process (available via streaming)
  • Predictive maintenance via vibration Tools (available via streaming)

Energy Savings

  • Energy savings optimization in papermaking (available via streaming)
  • Optimization of existing vacuum system (available via streaming)
  • Global analysis of the drying section (available via streaming)

Chemistry Management

  • Stickies identification, measurement and solutions (available via streaming)
  • Color and Dyes utilisation optimization (available via streaming)
  • Nano cellulose production and application (available via streaming)
  • Properties of raw materials and fillers (available via streaming)
  • The advantage of the use of enzymes in papermaking (available via streaming)

Water Management

  • New vision of seeing the waste as a valuable co-product
  • Controlling mineral & corrosive deposits 1 (available via streaming)
  • Controlling mineral & corrosive deposits 1 (available via streaming)

Tissue specificities

  •  Tissue quality and inter-related properties (available via streaming)
  • Wet End control to optimize Yankee coating (available via streaming)
  • Yankee Coating Optimization (available via streaming)
  • Yankee Hood and Air Systems, Yankee Hood Drying (available via streaming)
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