Expert ®

Expert ® : Capitalize and develop your know-how

Capitalize & develop your know-how

Capitalize the know-how of your company and increase your process efficiency, safety and maintenance by improving and perpetuating the competencies of your people potential with the "Expert"® solution. We tailor-made and implement specifically for your company these people skills development solutions according to your needs, your process to the level of the job-function requirement. This allows your collaborators to take up speed to start the job, as well as developing higher skills for diagnosis and problem solving. All our tailor-made digital designers are developers on competencies applied to the mill environment, ensuring we deliver you the solution with the right pedagogy.

Expert ® : access to your tailor made Activ'e-learning digital content, autonomously and at your own pace, from your workstation, and become expert of your own process and equipment including an on-site guided practice toll as add on.

Take advantage of our experience for the elaboration of specifications, organization, creation, development and support for the implementation of your competence assessment process. Specialist in the implementation of learning Academy for our clients.

All e-learning courses
tailored to your business

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Solutions suited for each of your
employees for the overall performance of
your business

Tutorial educational support
  • Understand the basics of neurosciences and adult education in order to follow the natural functioning of the brain
  • Acquire the methods in order to apply the basics of adult education, communication and monitoring skills during tutoring support
  • Monitoring learners during their tutoring learning
  • Establish goals for skills enhancement.
  • Help in diagnosing your operational human potential.
Tailor-made e-learning
  • Digitization of content linked to your process and your needs with graphs, imaging, screenshots, videos, 3D animations, etc. all from your environment.
  • Improved diagnostic performance and problem solving leading to increased process efficiency.
  • Capitalization and sustainability of the company's know-how.
  • Flexibility and autonomy in improving internal skills.
  • Available in all languages
Included in the Expert ® solution
Own your solution to perpetuate the know-how of your company
On site
  • Sharing and workshops on mill cases, scenarios, trouble shooting and continuous improvement…
  • As add on of the Activ'e-learning tool
  • At the workstation individually or in a conference room
Performed by IBC Paper Training trainers or your in-house trainers (trained by IBC Paper Training if needed)
Guided practice on site
  • Practical on-site exploration related to your process.
  • Become an expert in your own process and Equipment.
  • In addition to the digital tools of Activ'e-learning.
  • Accompanied by an in-house mentor.
  • Available in all languages
Included in the Expert ® solution.
Training of tutors by IBC Paper Training if necessary.
Solutions Adviser
  • Support on your human development project.
  • Implementation of the solution from the design up to the creation your own competence Academy and development skills.
  • LMS hosting room with configuration and user training.
With our experience in the areas of skills development, pedagogy, digital, industry 4.0 etc., we are a true partner of your projects.
Follow-up and certification
  • Progress monitoring targeted on the performance objectives to be achieved.
  • Installed on your existing LMS system or accessed on our LMS.
  • Available in all languages
  • Certifications by IBC Paper Training, our LMS and / or other certifications such as CQP, CPPI ...
Included in the Essentials ® and Expert ® solutions.
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