Paper/Board   Tissue

Wet end chemistry

8 Courses / 4 hours
  • 4 Total hours
  • 8 Courses
  • Available languages : French, English & Spanish
  • Compatible with : computer, tablet & telephone
  • Internet access requested
  • Unlimited access for a year
  • Log in informations sent within 48hours
  • To distinguish the components of pulp and water
  • To explain the role of each chemical and to identify their introduction points in your mill
  • To manage chemicals according to the paper quality required and the machine operation
  • To read, interpret and analyze chemical related measurements
Target audience
  • Operators (from new to experimented), technicians and new comers engineers working in Paper/Board and Tissue Industries
  • Technicians and new comers engineers working in related domain of Paper/Board and Tissue Industries
List of courses

The chemistry of the pulp components (15mins)

- Fibers nature and chemistry
- Colloides origin and chemistry
- Other chemical components of the pulp and process water


Products discovery (10mins)

- The types of products
- Size matters
- Products introduction points in the process


Basics of chemical reactions (10mins)

- Mechanical reactions
- Electrical reactions
- Other types of reactions


Control measurements (60mins)

- Goal of the control measurements in the process water and pulp
- Description of the control measurments
- Sampling
- Interpretation of the control measurements


Characteristic agents (70mins)

- Dry and wet strength agents and properties developpment
- Sizing agents and sizing devloppement
- The fillers and optical agents


Process agents (40mins)

- Fixation agents
- Retention aids
- Antifoam and biocides


Chemistry management (20mins)

- Basic rules to manage chemical products
- Dosage Optimisation
- Interaction between the products


Safety (15mins)

- Chemistry and safety
- Good actions to adopt
- Risks management



Wet end chemistry (4 hours)

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