Stock approach flow

11 Courses / 4 hours
  • 4 Total hours
  • 11 Courses
  • Available languages : French, English & Spanish
  • Compatible with : computer, tablet & telephone
  • Internet access requested
  • Unlimited access for a year
  • Log in informations sent within 48hours
  • To identify and explain the equipment from the machine tank to the headbox including water recirculation
  • To manage basis weight, purifiers, dilution and water recirculation
  • To master the refining management according to the quality required for the paper
Target audience
  • Operators (from new to experimented), technicians and new comers engineers working in Paper/Board Industries
  • Technicians and new comers engineers working in related domain of Paper/Board Industries
List of courses

Process overview (15mins)

- Goal of the stock approach flow
- The different equipments of the stock approach flow


Storage tanks (20mins)

- Goal
- Process agitation impact
- Tank autonomy


Broke Handling (5mins)

- Broke pulper
- The different types of broke
- Broke management


Machine refining (25mins)

- Goal of machine refining
- Review of the effect of refining on fibres
- Specific energy and control settings


Basis weight control (25mins)

- Level box and variable speed pump
- Basis weight valve
- Basis weight process control


First dilution (10mins)

- Single or double dilutions
- The consistencies
- Impact on process and quality


Cleaning (35mins)

- Equipment description and function
- Centrifugal force principle
- The different configurations
- Process settings


Deculator (35mins)

- Goal of the deculator
- Desaeration
- Pressure/Temperature ratio and vacuum management
- Equipment principle
- Process settings


Second dilution (35mins)

- Goal of the second dilution
- Dilution notions
- Dilution principle
- The fan pump
- Dilution control loop


Screening (25mins)

- Goal and principle of the screens
- The different types of screens
- Contaminants geometry and removal
- The different configurations
- Process settings


White water pit (10mins)

- Goal and principle of the water pit
- Overflow system
- Management of white water pit



Stock approach flow (4 hours)

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