9 Courses / 3 hours
  • 3 Total hours
  • 9 Courses
  • Available languages : French, English & Spanish
  • Compatible with : computer, tablet & telephone
  • Internet access requested
  • Unlimited access for a year
  • Log in informations sent within 48hours
  • To identify all coating and creping equipment in your mill
  • To distinguish the coating components, prepare them and manage their application on the yankee
  • To analyze the impact of the wet end on the coating
  • To master the creping parameters and therefore the change of the doctor blades according to the quality of the tissue paper
Target audience
  • Operators (from new to experimented), Technicians, and new comers engineers working in Paper/Board and Tissue Industries
  • Technicians and new comers engineers working in related domain of Paper/Board and Tissue Industries
List of courses

Generalities on coating/creping (15min)

- Why creping?
- The creping
- The coating


Coating products (30min)

- Role and caracteristics of the coating products
- Preparation and mixing of the products


Coating application (20min)

- Spray bar circuits
- Application equipments
- Parameters and settings


Coating action on the Yankee (10min)

- Evolution of the products on the yankee
- Transfert and migration of the products
- Dosage control


Coating products management (20min)

- Type of Coating
- Impact of the coating related to creping
- Impact of the coating on paper quality


The creping (25min)

- The creping in details
- Creping equipments (blade, blade holders...)


Blades settings (30min)

- Blade parameters and settings
- Blade management (incl wearness)
- Creping ratio


Management and impact 1 (10min)

- The different paper properties
- Evolution of the paper properties related to the coating/creping
- Creping ratio management


Management and impact 2 (20min)

- Parameters influencing the coating
- Process impact on coating
- Impact on paper quality



Creping (3 hours)

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