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5 Courses / 2 hours
  • 2 Total hours
  • 5 Courses
  • Available languages : French, English & Spanish
  • Compatible with : computer, tablet & telephone
  • Internet access requested
  • Unlimited access for a year
  • Log in informations sent within 48hours
  • To use and understand the vocabulary of the paper industry
  • To find your way around the process and the machine
  • To explain the role and function of all the steps in the paper making process
  • To make the connection between the process/machine steps and paper quality
Target audience
  • New comers in the paper/board and tissue industries working as operators, technicians and engineers
List of courses

The paper (10mins)

- Paper Material
- Types of paper and their properties


Raw materials (25mins)

- Fiber material
- The different types of pulp


Process before the machine (25mins)

- Stock preparation process
- Basics of chemistry
- Stock approach flow


Paper Machines (paper & tissue) (50mins)

- The different types of sheet forming (Foudrinier, twin wire and Crecsent)
- The types of sheet drying (classical and Yankee)


Finishing (10mins)

- Surface treatment (coating & calendering)
- Winding



Basics (2 hours)

249 € excl. taxes / pers / year
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