5 months training in Fregata

Lauching of a 5 months training in Fregata, France

IBC Paper Training just launched the deployment of a 5 months training period for future machine tenders, in preparation for the start up of the  the brand new tissue machine of Global Hygiene mill site of Frègata based in Charavines, South of Lyon (France).
The trainees will switch from an onsite training with our IBC Paper Training Team, UNIDIS Strategie & Avenir partners,  to the follow-up of the site construction and machine assembly.
At the end of the training period, all the new machine tenders will have the chance to obtain an official professional qualification (CQPI) delivered by the regional entity “Pôle formation Isère de Moirans”.

IBC Paper Training  is a leader in solutions to increase people competencies, providing a wide range of products and services to improve professional skills for operators and technical staff of the pulp and paper industry.

Those solutions include the EXPLORE© program to improve operators skills for troubleshooting, EXPERT© custom-made program for machine start-up crew trainings , Essentials© program in support of existing trainings and Webinars and consulting services to transform training programs into tangible results.

5 months training in Fregata

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